DPW Fixing Erroneous Bills of More Than $50K


Following a software update, the Department of Public Works accidentally sent bills of more than $50,000 to 566 customers.

After Years of Pressure From Parents, County Agrees to Replace Dulaney High School

Photo by James G. Howes, via Wikimedia Commons

Following multiple calls to replace Dulaney High School in Timonium, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz agreed to set aside funding for a new school in 2019, according to several reports.

City’s Top Lawyer: Police Union Prez is ‘Flatly Wrong’ on Punitive Damages

City Solicitor Andre Davis (left) and FOP president Gene Ryan. Images via Mayor’s Office and Fox News.

City Solicitor Andre Davis says a letter issued Tuesday by Baltimore Police union president Gene Ryan that accused him of now making officers pay all punitive damages in job-related lawsuits from their own pockets was both “flatly wrong” and “deeply misleading.”

Scrabble, and Other Secret Languages


Because am I knee-deep in writing The Baltimore Book of the Dead, we’re reposting a column from the very early days of Bohemian Rhapsody — the third, in fact. The Baltimore Fishbowl was just a month old. My ex and I were having a little post-divorce relapse, as we learn at the end of the piece. That does seem like a long time ago. Since I wrote this, four new two-letter words have been added to the “secret language” of Scrabble: DA GI PO TE, appended to the official word list in 2014. I can only imagine what my mother would have to say about it. These days, it’s her namesake, my seventeen-year-old daughter Jane, who is kicking my butt. There’s no one I’d rather lose to.

Originally published June 22, 2011 – I was brought into the fold of Scrabble players in the mid-90s by a food writer boyfriend who kindly scooped me up and resuscitated me after my first husband died of AIDS. In addition to viciously competitive Scrabble playing, the food writer’s recovery program for dazed widows included extravagant piggery both at home and in restaurants, gin martinis, Camels, wave-tossed waterbed sex and the occasional brisk morning walk.

Amtrak Acela Cars Separate in Harford County While Moving at 125 MPH

An Acela train in Washington D.C. Photo by Milkyoreo, via Wikimedia Commons.

A bad week got worse for Amtrak this morning, when an Acela Express train had to stop and unload 52 passengers this morning near Havre de Grace after two train cars separated while traveling at 125 mph.

Howard Co. Company Gets Green Light to Test Driverless Car Parking at BWI

Photo by Xnatedawgx, via Wikimedia Commons

Someday soon, you could be parking at the BWI Airport garage before a flight and watch a driverless vehicle sneak in next to you.

Baltimore’s Third Ceasefire Weekend Ended with Zero Murders

Image via Facebook

Building on last year’s momentum, the third Baltimore Ceasefire, held this past weekend, was a resounding success, with zero killings around the city for 72 hours and good vibes at a slew of neighborhood events held around the city.

Pride of Baltimore II Seeks Funding Amid Financial Shortfall

Image via Facebook

The group that oversees the Pride of Baltimore II, a wooden tall ship that hosts educational programs and serves as an ambassador to the city, announced it is “at a financial crossroads” and will have to dock the vessel during sailing season unless $230,000 is raised by March.

Ex-Baltimore Principal to Serve 90 Days in Prison for Stealing Nearly $59K from City Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters on North Avenue. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

A former principal of the now-defunct Baltimore Community High School will serve three months in jail and must repay exactly $58,689.34 for using public funds to gamble and buy dozens of Apple devices and other electronics as gifts for others.

Baltimore Ceasefire Returns This Weekend, Striving to Halt Shootings for Three Days

Photo by Ethan McLeod

Anti-violence activists are bringing Baltimore’s neighborhoods together for a third installment of the Baltimore Ceasefire movement this weekend, asking everyone to put the guns down and share some love and remember those they’ve lost.