Summer Getaway: Dreamy House On Shelter Island


 HOT HOUSE: 7 Clinton Avenue, Shelter Island, New York, 11964

Gingerbread Victorian, circa 1890, restored. 1,799 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, with harbor views.  Quarter acre landscaped lot. Walk to town, ferry, marina, tennis, beach: $825,000

Hot and Miserable? There’s Still Time to Go Down the Ocean, Hon


Can we be honest? Can we just admit that the second half of summer in Baltimore kinda sucks?

Don’t get me wrong, I fiercely love the first half. I love a June afternoon at the pool, I love my first ten snowballs, I love the way my yard looks on Father’s Day and I love the the jumbo crabs from Captain Trey’s. Then mid-July hits and with it comes the brutal mid-Atlantic mugginess. Now an afternoon poolside requires me to actually get in the pool, the snowballs don’t help my swimwear anxiety, my yard is brown and crunchy and the salt in the crabs makes me swell like a tick.

Ocean City Listed Among Top 10 Most Crowded Beaches in America


Travel and Leisure has named Ocean City one of the most crowded beaches in America.

“Visitors began arriving here after the Civil War by stagecoach and ferry. They wouldn’t recognize the beach town now, when more than 300,000 visitors come for the July 4th weekend alone, crowding restaurants, shops, Trimper’s boardwalk carousel, and, of course, the sand.”

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Beach Season: Around the Corner and Over the Bridge


Every year in early May my husband and I head to the Maryland-Delaware shore. After a flurry of spring activity and before the final stretch of graduations, weddings and end-of-the-year activities, we soak up the solitude.

This spring’s beach retreat was cool, sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy and drizzling, sometimes down right cold. The weather never matters.

We walk empty beaches and residential roads. I sometimes rent a bike. We read and draw, shop in well-stocked stores, eat in half-full restaurants, sit on the porch in sweatshirts, watch the waves and look for porpoises. This year a magical supermoon appeared.