Greenlaurel: An Updated Guide on How to Donate or Recycle ANYTHING in Baltimore


If you’re downsizing or decluttering, you may have amassed a collection of stuff that you’d rather donate or recycle somewhere locally than send to the landfill. We’ve done the legwork for you below in our updated guide.

It’s inspiring to see how many cool organizations are accepting some of the 33 items included on our list below, and repurposing your donations to make Baltimore a better place. If we missed something, email and the recycling fairy will find you an answer.

How do I recycle: Appliances, art supplies, rechargeable batteries, bikes, books, building supplies, mobile phones, clothing, CFL bulbs, dry cleaning bags, DVDs and CDs, electronics, eyeglasses, golf equipment, grocery bags, home decor, iPods, medicine, paint, big plastics, oyster shells, school and office supplies, stuffed animals, styrofoam, tools, toys, vases, VHS tapes, video games and consoles, weird stuff and, lastly, yarn.


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Laurel Peltier

Laurel writes the environmental GreenLaurel column every Thursday in the Baltimore Fishbowl. A graduate of UVA's MBA program, she spends her time with her family and making "all things green" interesting.
Laurel Peltier
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    • Adrienne: Happy New Year! Good news, the Baltimore teacher Supply Swap said they would love your extra fabric. Melissa Badeker, the founder and a rock star, emailed this note, “We do accept fabric and please pass along to the donor to email if they have additional questions or would like to schedule a pick-up.”

      Thanks for being a friend to the Swap!

  1. Laurel: This is a really useful article and thank you for highlighting The Family Tree for Children’s books! Our families LOVE access to these books.


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