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BARCS Suspends Dog Intakes, Most Adoptions Due to Canine that Contracted Virus

Photo via Google Street View

The BARCS animal shelter in South Baltimore isn’t taking in any dogs at the moment due to a confirmed case of canine distemper.

Pets of the Week: Pepper and Tiny



Pepper here, coming to you from Baltimore Humane Society where I am looking for a family to call my own. The good news is I’m not just gorgeous, I have a personality to match! I’m a really fun, active girl who likes to run around and play. It’s very cute to watch me get my zoomies and go, go, go! I also love treats, I will do just about anything for some. I’m also very smart. I know a few commands like sit and down and would love to learn even more with whoever adopts me. I will be a very fun, faithful companion. If you think we’d be a good match, please come and meet me soon!

Md. Chipotle Locations are Donating Some of Their Proceeds Today to Help Shelter Animals

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Feeling like a burrito or tacos for lunch today? The animals will thank you.

Pets of the Week: Sailor and Chloe

Sailor the dog, via the Baltimore Humane Society

Meet Sailor and Chloe, both of whom are up for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society.

Julius, Maryland Zoo’s Newborn Giraffe, Passes Away

Photo via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

After a monthlong fight, staff at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore bid goodbye to Julius this weekend.

Staff Nabbed a Rabid Groundhog Roaming the Maryland Zoo Last Week

A groundhog in Minnesota. Photo by April King, via Wikimedia Commons.

Your worst zoo-related nightmare shouldn’t be an escaped jungle cat or poisonous snake sneaking up on you. It’s a rabid groundhog stalking you and others around the premises.

IV Procedure Postponed for Julius the Giraffe, Now that He’s Feeding from a Pan

Photo via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Month-old giraffe calf Julius is still in critical condition, but at least he’s eating again. That development was enough to convince zoo staff to put off a planned “major procedure” for the giraffe that was set to take place yesterday.

Zoo’s Newborn Giraffe Gets a Name, Starting to See Health Improve

Photo via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Things are looking up for the Maryland Zoo’s 10-day-old giraffe calf, and not just because he now has his own moniker.

Two-Year-Old Zebra from Idaho Arrives at Maryland Zoo

Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill, courtesy of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

It’s been a busy start to the summer for Druid Hill Park’s zoo, particularly for staff in the so-called African Journey exhibits.

Columbus Zoo Lends its Giraffe Plasma to Maryland Zoo’s Newborn Calf

The giraffe calf drinks from a bottle. Photo via Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

Despite getting off to a rough start, Maryland Zoo officials are feeling optimistic about their giraffe calf’s future, thanks in no small part to a fresh infusion of antibody-rich plasma from an adult giraffe in Ohio.