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The City’s Baltimore Bike Share Coordinator is Out

Still via YouTube/Bewegen Technologies

In another blow to Baltimore Bike Share, the city has confirmed the program’s official coordinator within the Department of Transportation is on his way out.

Baltimore Bike Share Returns Sunday with 50 More Secure, GPS-Tracked Bikes

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After a month-long hiatus for some crucial repairs and maintenance, Baltimore Bike Share is returning this weekend.

Baltimore Bike Share’s Manufacturer is Redesigning its Bikes to be Theft-Proof

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Baltimore Bike Share is returning with a new design for its bikes to fend off the best of thieves.

Baltimore Bike Share Shuts Down Temporarily To Improve Security


Baltimore Sun Reports that the Baltimore Bike Share program is shutting down temporarily, to update the security equipment on its 200 piece fleet of rentable bicycles. The local bike share program opened in 2016, but has weathered a rocky start after a high number of instances of theft, and related damage to locking docks. The bikes are outfitted with GPS, and generally recovered when stolen, but the track-downs and maintenance to the bikes and the locking docks take time, money, and man power away from a small staff.