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Bucking Year-long Trend, Baltimore Just Went Nearly a Week Without a Homicide


While you weren’t looking last week, Baltimore was enjoying a much-needed respite from its numbing homicide streak.

Baltimore Ceasefire Returns, Appealing for Non-Violence and Human Connection

Image via Baltimore Ceasefire

While the slogan of Baltimore Ceasefire is fairly direct – “Nobody Kill Anybody” – there’s far more to a coordinated non-violence campaign than statistics, says Baltimore Ceasefire co-organizer, Erickka Bridgeford.

Unlicensed Cab Driver Shoots, Robs Customer in Druid Hill Park Just Before ‘Ceasefire’ Begins

Druid Lake Reservoir.

In case you haven’t heard, Baltimore is now in the middle of a 72-hour spell of no shooting, no killing. Last night, a “hack” cab driver shot one of his customers in the city limits, cutting it real close to the start of the three-day anti-gun violence event.

Police: Suspect Charged in Murder of Warren Brown’s Stepson; Local Rapper in Critical Condition After Stabbing

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Police have charged a man seen in a July 1 surveillance video fatally shooting Cody Young, stepson to well-known Baltimore defense attorney Warren Brown.

Council Bill Would Impose Mandatory One-Year Prison Sentence for Those Carrying Illegal Firearms

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A new measure going before the Baltimore City Council next week would ramp up sentencing requirements for those who illegally possess handguns in the city — the same people who police say are carrying out most of Baltimore’s murders.

City Police Put Officers, Detectives on Mandatory 12-Hour Patrols After 12 People Shot, 6 Killed in 24 Hours

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A spate of shootings that Police Commissioner Kevin Davis described today as “an unconscionable amount of violence” unfolded in the last 24 hours around Baltimore, leading the department to ramp up patrols with 12-hour minimum shifts for officers and detectives.

Kenwood High Junior Arrested for Pointing Gun at Another Student



A high school junior at Kenwood High School was arrested for pulling a gun on another student after they got off the bus.

Watch Mayor SRB Talk Gun Control with Chris Matthews


In the midst of the city’s surge in violence, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stopped by Hardball to talk gun control with Chris Matthews. He calls her “Mayor Blake” and says “It doesn’t matter who the mayor is,” and SRB only gets about 30 seconds to speak, but she handles herself well, I think. Your take?

How to Write a Book on Gun Violence in 14 Days



Publishing a book at the Johns Hopkins Press usually takes about 10 months — and that’s once the book is already finished. Earlier this year, though, the Press tackled something of a rush job:  putting together a full, scholarly book in two weeks to go along with the world-class Summit on Reducing Gun Violence in America — itself a swift response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place a mere two months ago.