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Too Young, Too Soon: Remembering E-Dubble

E-dub and Vince at work.

As part of our Throwback Thursday series, we republish Marion Winik’s essay in memoriam of E-Dubble, the local rapper who died last February. His new video was released this week. 

View the video, below.

WBAL-TV’s Omar Jimenez Drops Rap EP, ‘Reporting Live’

Still via “Ready for It” music video, via OJ Trop/YouTube

Even if you haven’t heard of local hip-hop artist OJ Trop, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him on the evening news.

Baltimore’s Rapdragons Get Hi-Fi with New Mixtape

Rapdragons: Greglan Ward and Nick Often

Rapdragons (composed of Greglan Ward and Nick Often) busted onto the Baltimore music scene in 2009 with enthusiastic party raps over lo-fi — and totally uncleared — samples. (Their first local hit, “Moon Rocks,” samples an mp3 of the Reading Rainbow theme.) And they hit the ground running. Embracing hip hop’s scrappy resourcefulness, grabbing beats from anywhere and everywhere and using “chilling” as a bottomless well of inspiration, Rapdragons have already created a sizable body of work. After their 2009 debut, Ten Stories High, they followed up with a Baltimore-heavy remix album, 2010’s Ten Stories Hijacked and a mixtape, Featuring Baltimore, full of samples from local groups. In 2011, they dropped the EP Natural Born Chillers.