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Cecil County Moves Closer to Hosting International Equestrian Competition



Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Maryland could soon become home to a major international equestrian event that would draw tens of thousands of people and millions of dollars’ worth of economic benefits to the state each fall.

Maryland Named Finalist in Competition to Host New International Equestrian Event

A show jumping horse at a competition in France, via Wikimedia Commons

Maryland and Virginia are competing to land one of the biggest prizes in the equestrian world.

Don’t Miss ‘Hats & Horses’ to Benefit Kennedy Krieger



Elegant woman with her beautiful hat at the Prix de Diane, France

Break out the mint juleps, bow ties, and big hats! Don’t Miss Hats and Horses, a night of dinner, dancing, and gaming, at the Baltimore Country Club on May 6 from 6:30 – 11:00 p.m. to benefit the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Road Trip Alert: The Land of Little Horses



The Land of Little Horses sounds like the name of an enchanted fairyland that’s too cute to be real. But it is real, and it is full of little horses–and it’s within a two-hour drive of Baltimore.

Baltimore Horse Accused of Police Brutality

Photo via Baltimore City Police History
Photo via Baltimore City Police History

During the 2013 Baltimore Grand Prix, an 8-year-old girl in a wheelchair reached out to pet a Baltimore Police Department horse named Buster. The horse bit the girl’s hand; the family is now seeking $1 million in damages.

Maryland Horse Becomes Internet Sensation

Photo via Carol Otte's Facebook page
Photo via Jodie Otte’s Facebook page

When I say “famous horse,” you probably think California Chrome. But there’s more than one superstar equine out there: A Harford mare named Stormy has become internet famous over the past two weeks. When she delivered a foal this week, thousands of people were watching.

That Nature Show: Loving Horses and the Preakness Despite the Sneezing

California Chrome. Photo via delmarvanow.com
California Chrome at Pimlico. Photo via delmarvanow.com

This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

The Preakness, the “middle jewel” in The Triple Crown is this Saturday at Pimlico. If you know nothing else about me know this: I am so allergic to horses that if I so much as pet one hair on the nose of a horse, I become one giant hive that weeps and sneezes and yet despite this — despite becoming a giant wheezing snot-hive — I pet them anyway, saying between labored breaths and puffs on my inhaler, “They’re so beautiful.”  Snort. “So elegant.” Wheeze. “So fast.”  Then I have to go take a cold shower and a prednisone.


Will the Maryland Hunt Cup Challenge Cup Fall This Weekend??

Photo by Douglas Lees. Copyright 2013
Photo by Douglas Lees. Copyright 2013

For the past 31 years, not since Mrs. Miles Valentine with Cancottage in 1983, has anyone has been able to take home the coveted Maryland Hunt Cup Challenge Cup. This year, at the 118th running of the most difficult timber race in the world on Saturday, April 26, four miles and 22 fences over Worthington Farms in Glyndon, three owners have a chance to jump into that void: Lucy A. Goelet, Northwoods Stable, and Arcadia Stable.

This Week in Research: Saving Endangered Horses & Predicting Alzheimer’s Years in Advance



Przewalski’s horse is a short, stocky equine species that looks vaguely prehistoric, like the kind of animal you can imagine a caveman riding. The species went extinct in  the wild in the 1960s, and there are fewer than 2,000 left in the world today. But University of Maryland grad and reproductive biologist Budhan Pukazhenthi is trying to change that–one horse urine sample at a time.