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What Happens When You Make Musicians Play Jazz Inside an MRI Machine?

Photo via Scientific American, courtesy Charles J. Limb
Photo via Scientific American, courtesy Charles J. Limb

More than any other kind of music (except jam bands, I guess), jazz is founded on the idea of mutual improvisation. When jazz players trade fours, they’re essentially engaging in a musical conversation, passing bars of music back and forth between each other.

Most of us listen to that kind of improvisation and just feel impressed or inspired, but Johns Hopkins neuroscientists have a different response: They want to get inside the brains of those jazz improvisers and figure out what exactly is going on. So they did what any jazz-obsessed neuroscientist would do… and recruited renowned local musicians (including Marin Alsop!) to trade fours inside an MRI machine. (Wouldn’t you have enjoyed being a fly on the wall of that lab?)

Christmas Jazz at the Creative Alliance


Jazzy Christmas

catch of the day fish (2)Have a snazzy, jazzy Christmas. Sure it’s not exactly how the old song goes, but maybe it should be. If you’ve had just about enough of the same old radio renditions of Christmas’ Greatest Hits, maybe it’s time to get into the holiday spirit in a new, more soulful, and a little less saccharine kind of way. Leave it to the folks at the Creative Alliance to bring us a holiday event with that perfect blend of quirk and class that calls to us. On Sunday, December 22, you can make their jazzy Christmas concert some of the last carol renditions you’ll hear this year—and certainly some of the best.

Event of the Day: Patterson Park Summer Concert Series with Cold Spring Jazz Quartet


From the Baltimore Fishbowl events page…

6:30pm – 8:30pm | FREE!

Patterson Park

27 Patterson Park Avenue

For over a decade Cold Spring Jazz Quartet has appeared regularly around Baltimore, winning a broad and loyal following. Deeply rooted in bebop and blues, this versatile group dazzles audiences with a variety of sounds and moods. If you like relaxing on Pagoda Hill (and we think you do), don’t miss this top-notch jazz concert.

Crystal Moll Gallery Holiday Show—6 Painters Painting


Crsytal Moll Gallery Baltimore

Baltimorecatch of the day fish (2) may be known to outsiders as the setting for the less-than-highbrow films of John Waters or as the city with a rich tradition of painted window screens. This is great stuff to be celebrated for sure—but it doesn’t exactly scream “Taste! Sophistication! Art with a capital ‘A’!” But the fact is, we are a fairly cultured city. We’ve got amazing museums, a thriving arts underground, and lately it seems you can’t throw a rock (or a crab-cake for that matter) without hitting a gallery. So during the holiday season, why should we settle for Norman Rockwell-style images of Santa beamed into our city from afar? Why not take in some amazing artwork by local painters that celebrates the holidays in Baltimore?