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Travel Channel Food Series Focuses on Baltimore Tonight


Tonight on the Travel Channel, the show Bizarre Foods America will visit Baltimore and explore local food.

Host Andrew Zimmern tries oysters at Lexington Market,
Zimmern hangs out with local Arabbers, downtown.
and hangs out with local Arabbers, downtown.
He learns to pick crabs at JM Clayton Seafood,
and visits James Beard Award nominee-Spike Gjerde at Woodberry Kitchen.


He even gets his hands dirty at Five Seeds Farm.

From the gallery of shots on the website, it looks like the show hits the old standbys that Baltimore is known for: Lexington Market, Hollins Market and of course the beloved Faidley’s, and throws in a few contemporary choices too. The show airs at 9 p.m.

View the entire gallery at travelchannel.com

Celebrating That Thing That Happened Yesterday with Faidley’s Crab Cakes



catch of the day fish (2)Frankly, what I like best about last night’s victory is imagining not knowing it had happened. Hear me out: imagine that you were, in fact, living under a rock. You didn’t know that the Ravens had just played and upset the Patriots, but you suddenly heard the screaming, fireworks, honking horns, et al., that immediately followed the game. If it was me, I’d probably assume that everyone on my block was suddenly, all at once, really freaking excited (a few hours late) about Obama’s extremely low-key re-swearing in. Or maybe they all just realized that the following day was Martin Luther King Day and they didn’t have to go to work. Woooohoooooo! The possibilities are endless.

    Gestalt and Pepper: Where The Bloggers Go


    While we bloggers can seem like slightly amorphous beings, out there in the ether, we’re people too.  We recycle just like you, we forget to clean our bathtubs just like you, we even eat, and we eat often.  Some of us are better at choosing exciting places for meals then others, and none more so then Evan, the mastermind behind the incredible City That Breeds. If you aren’t familiar with Evan, then here are some important fun facts:

    -He knows, I’m pretty sure, every single bar or dive south of North Ave, and possibly a handful above it.
    -He pointed me to the only gluten-free pizza I’ve been able to find in this city (Brick Oven Pizza, if you’re curious.)
    -Every year, he organizes the wildly successful Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl to raise money for BARCS.
    -He runs one of the funniest blogs in the city, with an equally wonderful Twitter feed.

    Whenever I have a basic question about anything in this city, Evan’s one of my go-tos.  ‘Tis the season for holiday visitors, and I knew he’d have wonderful suggestions for where to take anyone from your folks to your old college roommate.

    Home cook assessment: Do you consider Durkee onions and Campbell’s mushroom soup legitimate ingredients or cheating?
    Well considering one of them is the crucial ingredient in green bean casserole and the other is a crucial ingredient in this awesome chicken bake that I like to make (don’t judge me) I consider them to be legit ingredients. Look if you want to make freeze dried onion flavored strings on your own time, more power to you but I’m a busy man!

    Three Cool Ways to Fight Food Deserts in Baltimore


    fighting food deserts in Baltimore

    According to Baltimore City officials, one fifth of city residents live in a food desert (a neighborhood with little access to fresh and healthy food). That’s a full 125,000 people who’ll have a greater risk for obesity and health problems in part because they don’t have access to affordable, nutritious things to eat. Lucky for us, the city is tackling the problem head on, starting with a new map showing the on-the-ground reality of food deserts in Baltimore (can you spot the typo?) and extending to all sorts of innovative and ambitious programs to get fresh food into all corners of the city. Here are a few that we find particularly interesting: