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Harvey’s Choice


As soon as I heard about Hurricane Harvey, I started worrying about the animals. The ones tied up in backyards, the ones waiting on roofs, the ones peering out attic windows. I hoped it would go better for them than it did in 2005 when according to the Louisiana SPCA, tens of thousands of pets died.

Baltimore After the Storm


As we were living through Irene, she didn’t seem any worse than a really bad rain storm, but the morning told a different story: over 100,000 without power, hundreds of trees down, lines down and detritus strewn hither and yon.

One of the most dramatic surprises came to Peter Kaizer whose 2005 Mazda 3 narrowly escaped annihilation from an enormous oak tree that fell in the 200 block of Murdock Road in Rodgers Forge. The tree missed the car by six inches, landing just between it and another car parked immediately in front of it. 

Another felled oak took down lines across Stevenson Lane (resulting in a ball of fire the size of the house, according to one neighbor), and more trees crashed lines on York Road, Osler Drive and Bellona Avenue among other streets. All over lush Baltimore County, same occurred, helping to explain why so many county residents are without power.  

As of Sunday night, the death toll from storm-related incidents was 21, but only one of those was from Maryland. Though the damage was less than government officials warned, most Marylanders were glad for the extra caution.  

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Hurricane Hysteria!


The earthquake is so three days ago! We’re prepping for the hurricane now. We thought water, peanut butter and jelly, and plenty of t.p. would be enough, but President Obama recommends we visit the gov website to double-check our preparedness. Because we’re starting to buy into the hysteria too, we’re following through.

Please send us your pictures of anything storm-related and we’ll post over the weekend.  

Here’s how some of our writers are getting ready for Irene: 

“I love the soggy side effects of other people’s big storms. I am preparing not to be able to go jogging this weekend (boo hoo)–plan to finish reading a dark book and watch some stormy Twin Peaks.” –Betsy Boyd 

“I live in Old Ellicott City, which is essentially a giant basin next to the Patapsco River, so I worry about the shops on lower Main Street that were flooded in ’72’s Hurricane Agnes. I’m on call to help move merchandise upstairs if needed, at one of my favorite shops. But my apartment is well above the flood zone, so my dog and I have candles, books, and some new selections to try from the Wine Bin at the ready.” –Sara Lynn Michener

“We tend to underestimate these things (sometimes to our detriment). Our greatest concern? Which movies to watch and having all electronics charged in case of a power outage.” –Susan Dunn

“Went to liquor store. Hello! Asked the 10 year old to try to find that old flashlight he took to camp…it hasn’t turned up yet.” –Paddy Morton

We’re ignoring it except for my teenage daughter, who is worried we might run out of hummus – a nutritional staple apparently.” –Cynthia McIntyre

“Plenty of booze.” –Krista Smith