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Great White Shark, Tracked by GPS, Swims by Ocean City

Photo via OCEARCH

An eight-foot great white shark stuck her dorsal fin out just long enough to say hi to Maryland’s coast yesterday.

Md. Fisherman Says He Caught a Rare 105-Pound ‘Moonfish’ in Ocean City

Photo courtesy of Hooked On OC

A group of Maryland sport fishermen pulled off a potentially historic catch on Sunday in Ocean City, hauling in a 105-pound fish with a lunar nickname.

Arrestee Dies in Ocean City Police Officers’ Custody

Photo via Police Car Archives

A 28-year-old man died early this morning in Ocean City police custody after having an apparent seizure — even after authorities took him to the hospital for an evaluation following a violent arrest.

Maryland First Lady’s Art on Display this Summer in Ocean City

Yumi Hogan. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Yumi Hogan’s artistic prowess will be on display for Maryland beachgoers this summer.

Extremely Rare Whale Shark Sightings Reported Off Ocean City Coast

Still via YouTube/Hooked On OC

One fisherman in Ocean City got the chance of a lifetime yesterday when a giant filter-feeding shark swam right up to his boat.

Attorney General: Banning Women from Showing Their Breasts in Ocean City is Constitutional

The beach and pier in Ocean City. Photo by Dough4872, via Wikimedia Commons.

Male and female breasts are not created equal when it comes to public bodily exposure, according to Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

Afraid of Naked: Ocean City Adopts Emergency Ordinance Banning Toplessness

Photo via Town of Ocean City

Threatened by the possibility of women parading topless around Ocean City this summer, the seaside town’s council passed an ordinance this weekend restoring the status quo.

Under New Order, Ocean City Beach Cops are Not to Bother Topless Women

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Lacking clarification from Maryland’s top attorney, the Ocean City Beach Patrol has asked its officers to stand down if they see a woman going topless on the beach.