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Baltimore County and City’s Summer Air Quality Was The Pits. Here’s Why.

A snap shot of Maryland's poor airquality days compared to average summer air temperatures. Credit: Clean Air Partners and weather.gov
Baltimore-area’s poor air quality days compared to average summer air temperatures. AQI days courtesy cleanairpartners.net. Air temps courtesy weather.gov.

Summer 2016 was smokin’ hot and that didn’t bode well for Baltimore’s air quality. Summer’s hot sun bakes air pollution’s chemicals into unhealthy smog which is harmful for sensitive populations. Surprisingly, this “at risk” population is huge; 25 percent of Baltimore County and City residents suffer from asthma, COPD, heart disease or diabetes. 

Though Maryland’s Department the Environment released a wow-our-air-quality-is-great report this spring, as illustrated above, Baltimore experienced 24 summer days where our air quality didn’t meet federal Clean Air Act standards.

Baltimore metro’s air quality is a tale of temper tantrums, regulation rigamarole, and loads of unnecessary and expensive emergency room visits. Who knew that air quality is actually pretty interesting? 

(Cough) Forbes Ranks Baltimore One of Top Dirtiest Cities (Again)


Once again clever energy expert Christopher Helman at Forbes.com has compiled a list of the top 20 dirtiest cities* in America — highlighting big towns with higher levels of ozone and air-borne particulates, and particularly nasty contaminated tap water — and once again Baltimore makes the unpleasant cut. But it’s not quite as bleak as last year…