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Thirsty Hamburglar Strikes at Columbia McDonald’s

Still from video via Howard County Police

A McDonald’s in Howard County was hit by a thirsty klutz of a burglar last week.

After Recent Attacks, City’s Cyclists Call for Increased Security Along Jones Falls Trail

Photo via Trip Advisor

A group repping Baltimore’s cyclists is petitioning the city for better security along the Jones Falls Trail following a bump in assaults on cyclists traveling a stretch of the path between Station North and Hampden.

Baltimore Bike Share Returns Sunday with 50 More Secure, GPS-Tracked Bikes

Image via Youtube/Bewegen Technologies

After a month-long hiatus for some crucial repairs and maintenance, Baltimore Bike Share is returning this weekend.

Activist Shorty Davis Confronts Thief and Gets His Smoker Grill Back

Photo via Shorty Davis

Activist and community grillmaster Duane “Shorty” Davis got his grill back.

Activist-Grillmaster Shorty Davis Can Use Your Help Finding his Stolen Grill

Photo via Shorty Davis

For years, Duane “Shorty” Davis has been cooking up food for the masses in Baltimore, oftentimes at no cost. That was all interrupted this week, when his double-tiered smoker grill was stolen from behind a community center in Southwest Baltimore.

Baltimore Bike Share’s Manufacturer is Redesigning its Bikes to be Theft-Proof

Courtesy Baltimore Bike Share/Facebook

Baltimore Bike Share is returning with a new design for its bikes to fend off the best of thieves.

Thieves Caught Stealing Four Brass Signs from Baltimore Basilica, Police Say

Photo via Baltimore Police Department

Baltimore’s most historic Catholic church nearly lost some of its signage early this morning to two accused thieves, one by the name of Pope.

5 Baltimore-Area Residents Arrested After Alleged Lingerie Heists in Pennsylvania

Photo by Dwight Burdette, via Wikimedia Commons

Five accused serial underwear thieves from Baltimore are behind bars after finally getting caught in Pennsylvania.