UA’s Kevin Plank Joins The Billionaires’ Club


Courtesy of Citybizlist – Under Armour shares recently went into their kick mode in the 2011 race, making founder Kevin Plank a newly minted billionaire.

Courtesy of a 55 percent stock price jump, Plank now enjoys a net worth of $1.05 billion, according to Forbes. However, this is an off and thing. 

The magazine says this is actually Plank’s fourth visit to the billionaire’s circle this year, but each time a stock drop has sent him back.

Forbes also reported that Nike and Under Armour have given indications of mutual interest–a deal that could put Plank in the billionaire’s club for good.

Read the full article here:…


This Week in Research: Show Less Skin, Eat More Avocados


How much skin you’re showing affects people’s opinion of your abilites and self-control, according to a study by scientists at Harvard, Yale, Northeastern, and the University of Maryland. The researchers showed subjects photographs of men and women’s faces, and then the same image zoomed out to show the face plus a bare torso. When asked to judge how much experience (defined here as the ability to perceive and feel) and agency (self-control, the power to make decisions) the people in the photos had, the subjects said the face-only folks had plenty of both. But the skin-showing photos were judged as both more reckless and less composed. In other words, the more revealing your clothes, the less perceived personal power you have.

Meanwhile, researchers at Johns Hopkins think you should eat more avocados and less pasta. According to research by Meghana Gadgil, a postdoctoral fellow in internal medicine, certain sources of unsaturated fats (avocados, olive oil, nuts) help manage insulin levels. Gadgil and her fellow scientists weren’t interested in helping subjects lose weight; they wanted to see how diets affected cardiovascular health. So they fed subjects three different diets — one with lots of carbs, one with lots of protein, and one with lots of unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats won out. The extra good news here is that the healthy-heart effects were apparent even without the subjects shedding pounds:  “What we found is that you can begin to see a beneficial impact on heart health even before weight loss,” Gadgil says.

What Gives? Cut Paper Notecards from Local Design Team Holler & Whistle


These notecards from Parkvile husband and wife design team Holler & Whistle are cut from wild cherry cardstock and hand-lined with white Speckletone paper. The process for each design begins with a drawing. The drawing is then cut out using an Xacto knife. “We always hand cut our work because we like the wobbly bits and think the card wouldn’t be the same without them,” reads the Holler & Whistle website.

The cards will be available at Merry Mart, an art and craft shopping event at the Creative Alliance at The Patterson on Sunday, December 4 from 11 – 5. 


Merry Mart

Creative Alliance

3134 Eastern Avenue



Is Maryland Ready for Horse Meat?


On November 18, Congress reversed a decision in 2006 that banned the inspection (and therefore the sale) of horse meat, which is to say the slaughter of horses for meat is now legal in the United States. Of course, there aren’t yet any slaughterhouses processing horses, so for the moment it’s hypothetical.

I know that in the abstract it shouldn’t be any worse than slaughtering cows or pigs or chickens, but there’s really no line of reasoning that can diminish my shock at the thought of eating a horse. A United States in which I could pick up a horseburger at the McDonald’s drive thru, or read in a cookbook the best way to grill a horsesteak is a bizarro one.

And certainly Marylanders won’t stand for this. With our culture of horse riding, racing, and arabbing, I imagine even the more gastronomically adventurous among us might think twice before sampling Seabiscuit’s great-great-grandson.

At least we can expect not to see horseburgers being served at Pimlico any time soon.

She’s a Total MILB


On a recent chilly afternoon, we spotted a beautiful woman, Rachel Bloom, in a romantic fur vest. She stood outside the chic Stevenson shoe store Joanna Gray. Fur vests are all the rage for fall, and we were happy to spy such a pretty one making the scene in Baltimore.


Rachel Bloom

I love your vest.
Thank you. I got it at a sample sale in New York.
What’s a sample sale?
It’s when vendors (designers) sell the samples that they showed at market to the public. You can find great deals.
Do you shop only in New york?
I shop when I’m traveling. And in Baltimore. And I love sales!
What would you call your style?
Fun and easy.
Do you have children?
A daughter 23 and son 21. 
Does your daughter dress like you or do you dress like her?
Oh, my daughter is much more conservative than I am. I’m braver with my wardrobe the older I get. I just turned 50!
Well you don’t look it.
Thank you!

The Shops: Trohv


trove [trohv] noun

1. a collection of objects.

2. a great local store!


Trohv is one of the fun shops on a street a few blocks from where I live, and it is indeed a treasure trove of fun items for the house. They are quirky without being too far out and have such a wide range of things that it’s hard to leave there empty-handed. A couple of people from the staff went up to Brimfield for a buying trip in September and came back with some unique items.



But for now, they’re gearing up for the holidays and when you enter the store, you see that they’ve prepped well!

Lots of fun food and candy,


beautiful balls for hanging on the tree, 

elves and santas, 


winter scenes,

and local interest items.


They have a collection of stuffed animals, 

of all types, 


including this dog, who may replace Connor if he’s not good!


I had to laugh at their collection of wood-grained items, especially this wrapping paper, 

 and these cookie cutters!


Trohv also has a great selection of books, such as this Liberty of London sewing book, which had some great ideas, 

and a personal favorite, Mary Randolph Carter’s For the Love of Old.


Trohv has locations in Hampden in Baltimore and in Takoma Park on the Maryland/Washington, DC border. 921 W. 36th Street, Hampden


Meg Fielding is the writer of the popular local blog Pigtown Design.   

Santa Poses with Pets, Harbor East Jingle Jam, Creative Alliance Merry Mart, Cylburn Celebration


Joy, Jingle Jam at Harbor East: There’s nothing like city sidewalks dressed in holiday style — especially when you can enjoy live entertainment, food and other surprises as you walk them. The streets of Harbor East will come alive during “Joy Jingle Jam,” an afternoon celebration of the winter season. Find holiday gifts, goodies and good times. Performances include the VIPs from noon to 2 p.m. and The Kelly Bell Band from 3 to 5 p.m. Free photographs with Santa too from noon to 5. Harbor East restaurant stands will be open outdoors. When: Saturday, December 3, 2011, 12 noon to 5 p.m. Where: Harbor East, 800 block of Aliceanna Street, Baltimore. Shoppers and diners receive three hours of free parking at one of three Harbor East self-parking garages with $100 of same-day receipts and a voucher from a Harbor East merchant. Admission: Free.

For more information, visit the Harbor East website.


Creative Alliance Merry Mart: A unique craft show featuring a diverse mix of arts and crafts from Baltimore and beyond for sale just in time for the holidays! When: Sunday, December 4, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Where: The Creative Alliance at the Patterson – 3134 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore. Admission: Free.


Go here for more Merry Mart information.


Cylburn Arboretum’s Holiday Tea at the Mansion: Experience the mansion’s elegant first floor, main hallway, grand staircase and stone porches all decked in wreaths, swags and greenery from the mansion’s grounds and decorated by the District IV Federated Garden Clubs. The traditional tea, provided by local favorite Carey Talucci Catering, will feature tea-time treats such as delicate sandwiches, quiche, petite scones, skewered fruit, tea breads, an assortment of bite-sized desserts, and, of course, seasonal teas. Grab distinctive garden and nature-themed gifts for children and adults in the holiday boutique and get in on a raffle for a topiary pig (decked in holiday finery!), a handmade wreath fashioned from Cylburn greens, a Pandora bracelet (with three beautiful beads) courtesy of Smyth Jewelers, handmade jewelry, theater tickets, and a crystal vase. Adding to the holiday spirit will be a seasonal serenade by The Gilman School’s Traveling Men, a 12-member a cappella group. When: Sunday, December 4, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Where: Cylburn Arboretum, 4915 Greenspring Avenue. Admission: $40 for CAA members, $45 for non-members, and $300 for table of eight. A limited number of tickets are available and reservations are required. Please call the Cylburn office at 410-367-2217 for more information. 

Baltimore Humane Society Holiday Open House: This Sunday, Annual Pet Photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus are not to be missed (kids can pose, too). The McDonogh Middle School Chorus will perform at 2 p.m., and following an afternoon Open House of tours and treats, visitors can take in a creative lighting ceremony at 5 p.m. “This has been a tough year for our animal community,” says Wendy Goldband, director of public relations, “with more homeless cats and dogs than we’ve ever seen before.” When: Sunday, December 4, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Where: 1601 Nicodemus Road, Reisterstown. Admission: Free with the exception of a small donation for your photos. Help the animals meet a better 2012…and have fun!

It Can Be Solved by Walking: Poetry by Jennifer Wallace


We’re pleased to share two poems from Jennifer Wallace’s forthcoming book, It Can be Solved by Walking, a poetic sequence and collection of photographs that search for the place of self and the collective (human and nonhuman) in Baltimore’s urban ecosystem. The book will be published by CityLit Press in April, 2012.

Jennifer is Humanistic Studies faculty at MICA — she teaches creative writing courses, literary documentary and interdisciplinary courses dealing with ecological themes.

In love
because the city won’t let up
no matter how much rocking.
In love with this city
as if a surprise walked through the door
wearing suspenders and red-striped pants.
In love with the intersection
and its ingenious abutment of asphalt and grit
where chicory roots in their joining
and age-old rainwater bubbles in the gutter,
bobbing toward the harbor and the sea.
In love with the difficult stories
because they are not mine, because they are mine.
The just-after-dawn light
like Caravaggio’s on the row house bricks.

It can be solved by walking
or take a bike.
Something slower than driving.
Something less contained, especially. Something
that permits a breeze or a squirrel to enter, a rat
to rattle you—that sort of surprise
the kind that’s overruled by ‘the speed and strength
that is the armor of the world.’

Unplug the ears.
The honks and screeches roll in like Mozart. Unbuckle
the distaste for poverty and grit.

The world is either a beautiful iceberg
or a mountaintop
thrown from its source to the faraway sea.
And the gods, who aren’t believed in anymore, are out there hiding
behind windows, under the stoops.

One of them struts the sidewalks with his two-colored hat.
One side of the street sees red. The other side, green.
He passes again with his hat flipped around just for fun.
Everyone goes to court. It’s a kind of togetherness.
All of us arguing and ‘shining like the sun.’

“It can be solved by walking” is inspired by the medieval Christian practice of
pilgrimage and meditation, solvitar ambulando. The poem also quotes Frank O’Hara and Thomas Merton, and draws from a Nigerian folk tale re-told by Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth.

Under Armour Makes Custom Basketball Shoes for President Obama


Courtesy of Citybizlist – Under Armour has reportedly designed a pair of basketball shows for President Barack Obama complete with the presidential seal.

“Barack gets unreleased Under Armour shoes because he is literally the most powerful man in the world. If you think about it, it makes sense. What shoe company wouldn’t send a basketball-playing president a pair of their shoes, just on the off chance he’ll be photographed carrying them and giving a thumbs up? I’m guessing it was the same thing with denim shirt makers and President Bush,” according to a post on The Score. 

Read more at citybizlist

What Gives? Ravens, Orioles and Terps Ties from Vineyard Vines


Want to see a 12-year old get happy about receiving clothes for Christmas? Vineyard Vines custom-designed ties come in Ravens, Orioles and Terps patterns and please fans of all ages. Belts available too!

Cohen’s Clothiers

64 Cranbook Road