Baltimore Food Truck Rally: Start Fasting Now


Baltimore Food Truck rally this Friday!Baltimore’s food trucks will sell you peaches and cream cupcakes, lobster mac and cheese, crab cake tacos and/or South Carolina barbecue; the problem is, you usually have to drive all over town to find them. This Friday, however, you’re in luck — six of Baltimore’s most beloved food trucks will be rallying in Hampden, allowing you an easy stroll from Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon to Souper Freak to Iced Gems Creation. Beer and wine will also be available for purchase.

Last year’s food truck rallies were a resounding success, and this year they’re continuing the tradition of rallying for a good cause. The trucks will circle up at the Maryland SPCA‘s Hampden location from 5 – 8 p.m., and volunteers will show off some of the shelter’s adoptable pets. Some proceeds from the event will go to the SPCA as well.

We recommend getting there early, and on an empty stomach.

The Lit Show Hits Baltimore Tonight, Y’all


When my fiction writer friend Jen Michalski invited me to co-host a new brand of live literary event in town, a theatrical presentation/celebration of literature, music and art that pushed the envelope in any direction we chose, I knew my answer was yes before she’d finished speaking. Since I relocated to Baltimore 10 years ago to study fiction in the JHU Writing Seminars, I’ve attended a wide array of literary readings — most peopled roughly 80 percent by fellow writers — some events amazing, some just fine plus a single bright spot, others pulse-free. All have shared one thing in common, however: A fairly serious vibe.

At a time when literary book publishing faces, if not possible extinction, a radical morphing of shape and marketing plan, as with all forms of print media, perhaps fiction writers are the most sober creatures of all. I get that. Sometimes this energy saddens me. After all, my fiction writer friends are among the wittiest and most sardonic folks I’ve ever known. Otherwise, how could they write such revelatory material?

Orioles Value Increases 12 Percent


Courtesy of Citybislist – The Baltimore Orioles are valued at $460 million, ranked 19 among 30 Major League Baseball teams, according to Forbes. That is a 12 percent increase from last year when the O’s were valued at $411 million.

Said Forbes: “The Orioles finished the 2011 season with a 69-93 mark, their 14th consecutive losing season. The team’s shoddy play on the diamond goes a long way in explaining their horrible local television ratings. Last season, the Orioles averaged 31,000 households per game on MASN/MASN2, which tied them with the Oakland Athletics for 28th out of baseball’s 30 teams in average audience size. The Orioles drew 1.76 million fans to Camden Yards last year, the fifth-lowest attendance in the major leagues.”

Peter Angelos bought the team in 1993 for $173 million. When MLB moved the Nationals to Washington D.C., Angelos secured a deal assuring him a price of at least $360 million should the franchise be sold.

Read more stats about the finances of the team at Citybizlist


    Flock of Dimes: Jenn Wasner of Baltimore’s Wye Oak Sings Solo


    Jenn Wasner, 25, the honey-voiced singer and guitarist for Baltimore’s celebrated alt-folk duo Wye Oak, has for the past year been quietly building a repertoire of songs for Flock of Dimes, her dreamier, spacier, less folky — at times even baroque — solo project. A real feat when you consider that her main project played more than 200 shows last year!

    So far, outside of the occasional live show, you could only hear Flock of Dimes through her SoundCloud page and the Friends Records’ 2011 compilation, to which she contributed one track. But yesterday, Friends Records announced the April 19 release of Flock of Dimes’ debut seven-inch, featuring the haunting, tense “Prison Bride” on side A, and a cover of the Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why” on side B. One more tease, really. What we need is a full-length. But no pressure.

    Wasner recently took the time to answer some questions about her new project, self-expression, and making music in Baltimore.

    The Flock of Dimes Facebook page calls it a “vanity project of questionable skill and intent.” What is particularly “vain” or indulgent about it, as opposed to Wye Oak? Is there something inherently embarrassing about a solo project versus a two-piece band?

    I’m an inherently self-deprecating person, and I get a kick out of poking fun at myself in referencing the old “singer of a band goes solo” cliche. I’m actually very proud of the Flock of Dimes project and I’m really excited to have another creative outlet, but — you know how people are. I’ll say it first so they can’t beat me to it.

    MDSPCA Weekly Pet Adoption: Great White Dog Named…White

    labrador retriever mix
    Looking for a fun pet playmate to frolic with this spring? Well, surf the net no further because White’s the insouciant cutie you’ve been seeking. He’s an incredibly photogenic, two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Bull Terrier mix. Sweet and energetic, White loves to chase butterflies — he couldn’t be happier with this balmy spring weather. He will need an experienced and enthusiastic owner who will not mind keeping up with his bubbly personality, taking him on long walks or playing a fast game of Frisbee in the park.

    White’s is up-to-date with his health check-up, vaccinations, and has been neutered. If you’re interested in becoming White’s new best friend, please contact the Maryland SPCA for the most current information.

    Local Filmmakers Produce Documentary on the Chespeake Bay


    Let our Rivers Flow from Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy on Vimeo.


    Local filmmakers have made a documentary about efforts to preserve the Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

    The film airs on Maryland Public Television (MPT) April 17 and will be on permanent view at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels. Executive Producer Tim Junkin says he plans to send the documentary to churches and other organizations after the airing.

    Originally budgeted at $100,000, the documentary was produced for “almost nothing,” says Junkin, thanks to “donated time and pro bono” work.

    Read the rest of the story at B’More Media

    A shorter version of the documentary that was shown last year is featured above.

    Hey Baltimore: Do You Live in a Bubble?


    Do you live in a bubble? Take the quiz to find out.Have you ever had a job that made your body hurt at the end of the day? Have you ever had a close friend who was an evangelical Christian? Do you know who Jimmie Johnson is? Have you eaten at Applebee’s recently?

    If your answers skew more “no” than “yes,” you might be living in a bubble, according to libertarian political scientist (and Maryland resident) Charles Murray. The rich and educated, Murray argues, have cloistered themselves in what he calls super-ZIPs, elite neighborhoods that provide them with little exposure to real America. (“Real America” seems to be pretty narrowly [and white-ly] defined itself — think NASCAR, domestic beer, and Iron Man 2.)

    So just how thick is your bubble? Take Murray’s quiz to find out how culturally sequestered you are. (Full disclosure:  I got a 22.) If your score is low, Murray has a few suggestions about how to broaden your horizons (or those of your children):

    Want to See If Baltimore Will Be Washed Away in the Global Warming Apocalypse? There’s an app for that…


    I know that my father would be disappointed if I fell for “that global warming crap.” So Dad, consider the following merely a thought experiment: What if the climate change camp is right, what then?

    Well the liberal Chicken Littles and environmental extremist wacko scientists over at Climate Central have released new figures about coastal flooding due to rising seas. They estimate that seas will rise a meter by the year 2100, which would (if it were true, but of course it’s not) make vulnerable to flooding not only areas that sit within three feet of sea level, but anywhere that sits within three feet of high tide.

    To see how you yourself might fair in this scenario, Climate Central has created a web page where you input your zip code and drag a water level bar to see your chances of survival decrease over time. Baltimore actually doesn’t fair so poorly, considering. Check out Florida, yikes! I mean, whatever. It’s just some Al Gore scam.

    Baltimore County School Board Approves New Mays Chapel Elementary School


    The county school board approved at its meeting yesterday plans for a new Mays Chapel elementary school that will accommodate 700 students, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.  Neighbors opposed the new school, expressing  concerns about parking, traffic and the loss of park land, but it is expected to relieve overcrowding at schools along the York Road corridor.