13.5% Wine Bar

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13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden in Baltimore

If there was such a thing as “the people’s wine bar,” 13.5% would probably be it. After all, the phrase “wine bar” can immediately put one on the defensive. It can make grown men start spewing stories of that one time they backpacked through France, or esoteric facts and about various grape varieties. It can cause skeptics to turn up their noses and declare that there’s no difference between the “good stuff” and the stuff that comes in a box. It’s all just rotten (sour?) grapes anyway, right? And surely anyone who wants to go to a bar that specializes in the nuanced differences between barrels is some combination of a phony and a snob. Right? Wrong!

13.5% Wine Bar, located on the Avenue in Hampden is committed to offering upscale wine (over 40 by the glass and over 200 by the bottle) at reasonable prices. They declare that anyone can appreciate wine, and that the best doesn’t always have to cost the most. Plus, the friendly staff tastes over one hundred wines each week (are they hiring?) to choose the best for offering at the bar. Besides the knowledgeable staff and amazing wine selection, the bar offers a full menu with everything from snacks to entrees, and even beer for non-believers. TGIF? You bet.

13.5% Wine Bar is located at 1117 W. 36th St in Baltimore.

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