3 Views of What It’s Like to Police in Baltimore

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After the DOJ’s report on the Baltimore Police Department, the national media honed its focus on what it’s really like to be a cop in the city. Three distinct looks emerged this week that are worth reading:

  • Buzzfeed has a first-person account of from an African American police officer. “Some African-Americans look at me as a betrayer. Some look at me as a go-between for when they might have to deal with white officers,” writes Michael Baysmore.
  • The issues of changing crime rates and policing may still not be in sync. As former Baltimore Sun reporter Peter Hermann writes in the Washington Post, Baltimore residents who see crime regularly are primarily focused on safety. But “clearing the corners” may not be an option in the future.
  • The spotlight is on an interracial couple who are also new parents in The New York Times. Police detective Bill Janu and lawyer Shanna Janu talk about how they’ve viewed the police-involved shootings and shootings of police over the summer as they bring their son into the world.


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