A Conversation with Ron and Margaret Wilson, Founders of CoPreneur

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Jim Naylor, Margaret and Ron Wilson

As professional advisors and married business partners, Ron and Margaret Wilson have a personal window into the world of Copreneurs. Merging their combined talents, Ron and Margaret bring a unique coaching process to managing issues and communications between business couples. We recently sat down with Margaret and Ron to learn about this Baltimore-based consultancy dedicated to helping married and committed couples manage the challenges Copreneurs face in starting or growing a business together.

What’s a Copreneur?
Copreneurs are couples who own and run a business together.  Going into business with your spouse or partner is an appealing idea for a lot of entrepreneurs, and it seems to be on the rise. Some say there are as many as 1.2 million couple-owned businesses nationwide.

What types of issues do Copreneurs face in their business?
When couples share both a business and personal relationship, it can get complicated.  Issues crop up if their commitment to the business is different, or they don’t share the same vision. Being clear about who does what or who’s best suited for a role comes up quite a bit. Sometimes couples struggle with the business overtaking their personal relationship. All of those issues are compounded when the family’s financial eggs are in one basket. Most couples say being in business together is either the best thing that’s ever happened to them, or the worst.

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