There Was Actually a Second Secret Speed Camera Audit Hushed Up by the City

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speed camera audit

I don’t know as we needed more proof that Baltimore’s speed camera program — currently on hiatus — was a dud. But here it is. Somewhere in the 100,000-some-odd pages of documents that the city released in cooperation with an investigation begun after the first secret speed camera audit (which found error rates higher than 10 percent) was leaked to the Baltimore Sun., were the results of another secret speed camera audit.

This newly revealed audit found error rates around 5.5 percent. While that’s lower than the initial findings, it’s still much higher than the error rate the city publicly claimed: “less than one-quarter of one percent.”

The audit also showed that some tickets were issued to cars that were adjacent to cars that were speeding. Councilman James Kraft, chair of the Judiciary Committee who is carrying out the investigation, says he will have to hire four more people to go through all of the documents.


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