Ageless Grace Dance Performance

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Dance performance

catch of the day fish (2)When you imagine a professional dancer, you probably imagine someone young, lithe, and with a kind of super-human control over their body that could only come from a lack of real world experience. And yet, in so many other art forms, worldliness and life experience are often the qualities that make a true artiste. Sure, professional athletes may peak young, but an artist—even one whose craft depends upon the abilities of their body—should be able to develop and refine their craft with age, no? Well that’s just what’s being celebrated this Friday at the Creative Alliance with Ageless Grace, a dance performance featuring professional and community dancers of a certain age.

It isn’t often that seniors take the stage to offer their own expression of life through movement, so we are extra grateful for this special performance. Dancers in this year’s Ageless Grace production include both former professional dancers as well as community dancers who perform in more recreational forms. Expect belly dance by Antonia; African with Kibibi Ajanku; Flamenco with Natalia Sager, including an exciting program of modern, jazz and tap performances by a variety of regional performers who are 40-years-old and over. The evening will be hosted by dancer and actress Maria Broom and is presented by Dance Baltimore. Advance tickets are highly recommended.

Ageless Grace takes place this Friday, May 9th, at 8 pm at the Creative Alliance. Tickets are $16 or $11 for members. Visit for more information.



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