“All the Words That Mean Joyous”: Looted Baltimore Fashion Boutique Reopens

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Flawless Damsels after the looting. Photo via the store's gofundme campaign.
Flawless Damsels after the looting. Photo via the store’s gofundme campaign.

Taylor Alexander has finally reopened her Flawless Damsels clothing shop after being looted in April, and she is, let’s say, very happy to be back in business. “Elated, all the words that mean joyous — that’s how I feel right now,” Alexander told NPR’s Pam Fessler upon her packed reopening.

Alexander got back on her feet with the help of a no-interest loan from Baltimore City of up to $35,000 and $7,000 in crowdfunded money. That was apparently enough for Alexander to restock. Fessler describes walls “covered” with clothes and accessories and glass cases “filled with jewelry.”

The city and state have made available a total of around $1.5 million, in the form of grants and loans, to businesses damaged in the riots, but even four months later, not all have reopened. And for the ones that have, things aren’t exactly like they were before. Fessler notes that Alexander added metal shutters to her storefront; Highlandtown store Sneaky Feet now only lets their customers try on one shoe at a time and keeps “everything in the back now.”



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