An Evening of Practical Infinity with Darrell Forbes

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Medicine Without Form

catch of the day fish (2)“Why do we have bodies? What are they for? Does every part have a purpose? What does it mean to have arms, legs, heads, hearts? How can I inhabit my body fully, with real heart and with real juice? How do I bring out the power of my body (I know it’s there) in service to my community and my planet?” Talk about asking the big questions! These are just some of those that local acupuncturist Darrell Forbes will be asking (and helping answer) in the class he’s offering this weekend, titled An Evening of Practical Infinity.

Forbes’ class is based on practices created by Thea Elijah for her Medicine Without Form workshops. Elijah’s practices grow out of the notion that the body’s wisdom provides direction and purpose for every moment of living, no matter how momentous or mundane. Forbes says that, “parts of the body have different lessons to teach, and so I will lead the class in a number of group exercises designed to bring love and light to specific body challenges.” He goes on to say that these “body challenges” are really “whole-life challenges,” which we take to mean that what affects our daily lives affects our bodies and vice versa. Forbes brings to this investigation his own experience and knowledge as an acupuncturist, for a holistic view of how we  can more mindfully approach our own physical wellness. Space for the class is limited, and admission is on a donation-only basis, so we recommend reserving a spot early.

An Evening of Practical Infinity will take place from 5-8pm on Saturday, April 20th, at 813 Gorsuch Avenue. For more information, or to reserve a space, email [email protected]

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