Annex Theater Presents Make Yourself at Home

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catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore is practically overflowing with really interesting theater lately. We’ve got everything from the classics staged by Center Stage to musicals done by Spotlighters. We’ve got international artists presenting experimental work at Theatre Project, and thoughtful contemporary drama at Everyman. But how many plays has this city hosted that are performed for only one person at a time? That’s right, we’re talking an audience of one. Leave it to the perennially daring Cricket Arrison to devise (and pull off) such a feat. And leave it to the Baltimore Annex Theater to present such unusual work.

Make Yourself at Home is in fact a solo show (devised and created by Arrison) performed for one audience member at a time. Audiences (that is, individual people) purchase a ticket for a specific time slot, and Arrison performs the entire play multiple times per evening. It’s worth noting that the play itself is not more than ten minutes long– so if you’re freaked out by the idea of such an intimate performative encounter, don’t worry– it won’t last long. The play centers around the story of Lucy Temerlin, a chimpanzee raised as a human and then sent into the jungle to learn how to be a chimp again. It’s also about the woman who, planning to stay in the wilderness with Lucy for three weeks, never left. Arrison’s 2011 solo play, Order was named one of City Paper’s Best Moments on Stage, so we’ve got plenty of reason to believe that ten minutes alone with her wild imagination should be nothing short of exhilarating.

Make Yourself at Home opens February 19th and runs through February 22nd at the Annex Theater (1 W North Avenue in Baltimore). For tickets and more information, visit

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