Another Baby Is Born on I-97

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Interstate 97 might consider the construction of some kind of mothers-in-active-labor express lane, because as it is, they just aren’t making it to the hospital.

Saturday morning a woman gave birth to a baby on the side of I-97 in Glen Burnie. According to the Baltimore Sun, fire personnel were called “around 8 a.m.,” and within minutes, a healthy baby girl was born with their assistance.

She’s the latest of at least three children born on I-97 in the past five years. Precipitous births on the interstate have almost become a tradition.

But I-97 doesn’t have a monopoly on such occurrences in the area. Four years ago, a woman gave birth in a bathroom at BWI. In 2013, a woman had her baby on the side of Route 100 in Howard County, while a 911 dispatcher coached the father.





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