Another Officer Implicated in Baltimore Dog Killing

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Baltimore dog killing
Photo of Sarah Gossard & Nala, via Gossard’s Facebook page

For reasons unknown, Baltimore police officer Jeffrey Bolger slit the throat of a dog that officers had corraled with dog-control poles in Brewer’s Hill on Saturday. Bolger was suspended without pay and hit with charges of animal cruelty and malfeasance in office.

Now Thomas Schmidt, the officer who police say held down the 7-year-old Shar-Pei while Bolger killed it, has been placed on paid administrative leave. According to the Baltimore Sun, an internal affairs investigation into the incident is ongoing.

It’s amazing how quickly the Baltimore Police Department has moved to denounce the incident and suspend the officers. It’s a far cry from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department reaction to the death of Robert Saylor in February 2013. The three deputies who were involved in the unarmed man’s death in a movie theater were kept on regular duty.

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