Anti-Gerrymander Cause Creates “Rare Alignment in Md. Politics”

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Gov. Larry Hogan delivering his State of the State address.
Gov. Larry Hogan delivering his State of the State address.

Progressive groups are rallying behind Gov. Larry Hogan’s call for redistricting reform in what Red Maryland’s Greg Kline is calling a “rare alignment in Maryland politics,” which “we have never seen before and likely will not see again soon.”

If the gerrymander is banished from Maryland politics, it will be thanks to a bevy of strange bedfellows. To wit, Kline lists Common Cause, League of Women Voters, and Tame the Gerrymander, along with the editorial boards of the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, as allies of the Republican governor in the face of Democratic opposition.

That opposition in General Assembly has taken up the unenviable task of, in Kline’s words, “defend[ing] the indefensible.” Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller argued, incorrectly, that “no state east of the Mississippi has adopted a redistricting reform plan.”

House Speaker Michael Busch has attempted to qualify his opposition to reform by stating, incredibly, that he had issues with the most recent redrawing of Maryland’s voting districts. (So, on the one hand gerrymandering is bad, but on the other hand….?)

Read more at Maryland Reporter.

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  1. Gerrymandering is an indefensible threat to our democracy. As a life-long democrat I support the governor and the coalition against this abusive system. I voted against the last redistricting plan.

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