Aquadopt from the Aquarium for the Holidays

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catch of the day fish (2)Many of us struggle to find gifts that won’t easily be forgotten, and that also won’t clutter up an already full house. But gift certificates can seem impersonal, and it’s hard to “give” an experience as a gift. But the National Aquarium has a gift opportunity that works for adults and kids alike and that will warm the recipient’s heart while helping ensure that one of the Aquarium’s beloved animals stays well-tended to. It’s their Aquadopt program, and it allows you to “adopt” one of your favorite animals. Luckily, the folks at the aquarium will still do the work– no need to come in on Sundays to clean the tank or throw anybody some mackerel.  The Aquarium has several different animals you can choose to adopt– and they’re generally the popular favorites. You can adopt a dolphin (of course), a puffin, a shark, a frog, or a turtle. And there are multiple levels of adoption, depending on how much you care to give. While all gifts include a glossy photo of your animal and a personalized adoption certificate, higher levels of membership can also include a plush stuffed version of your animal (perfect for kids who’d like to be able to “care for” their animals at home), and admittance to the Aquarium. It’s the perfect gift for animal lovers– and for the animals themselves.

For more information about how to adopt an animal through the National Aquarium, visit


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