Are Horses the New Dirt Bikes in Baltimore?

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City officials are looking for a solution that would end dirt bike riding on Baltimore city streets for good. But it looks like a new scourge may already be taking its place: horses!

Twitter user @Bmorebizz, captured cell phone video of horseback riders and carriage drivers racing through Baltimore on Sunday:

In this video, a rider falls off but appears to be okay:

Though the Twitter profile suggests that these horse-loving cruisers have taken to the streets as a response to the city’s increased crackdown on dirt bikes, there is no actual evidence that the two things are related.

It should be noted that this spirited equine joyriding, as unusual as it may be, is quite possibly perfectly legal.

Also, if this becomes a full-on movement, it’s already got a clippity-cloppity anthem ready and waiting: Dan Deacon’s “Baltihorse.”

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