Art to Dine For 2014 from the Creative Alliance

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Art to Dine For

catch of the day fish (2)This is how you know that fall is almost here. The Creative Alliance has released this year’s amazing line-up of Art to Dine For events. And we’re helping spread the word nice and early so you can get first dibs at tickets for some of the most unique and fun cultural offerings coming our way. If you’re not familiar with Art to Dine For, it’s the annual series hosted by the Creative Alliance, but taking place at homes and venues across the city and well beyond. Each event in the series features an incredible combination of arts & culture and epicurean delights in an unusual setting. Each event is totally different from the last, so you can select based on your tastes—both gustatory and aesthetic.

Some of the highlights this year include dancing at the arboretum with catering from The Bun Shop, Or creating piñatas under the tutelage of master piñata makers with authentic tacos and flan served alongside. Or how about an unrestrained, eye-arresting frolic through Ted Frankel and Bill Gilmore’s home, a four-story Mount Vernon rowhouse filled from floor to ceiling with an astounding collection of Outsider Art (Ted runs AVAM’s gift shop, so you know he’s serious). There are many, many more events to choose from, each more exciting than the last. So scope the listings now and get your tickets—because they definitely won’t last.

Art to Dine For is presented by the Creative Alliance. Events begin September 4th and continue through the fall. For more information, or to buy tickets, visit

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