Art and Nature Classes at Eden Mill

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Eden Mill

catch of the day fish (2)Whether you’re looking for a mid-week jaunt to get the kids outside, or simply want a change of scenery yourself, a trip out to Eden Mill Nature Center is certainly a must at some point this summer. Though temporarily closed for tours due to renovations, the mill is still home to an abundance of art and nature programs for children and teens, and some of the most charming (and fruitful) fishing spots around. If this sounds like what you’re craving, you could head out for Wednesday’s Art with Sticks and Twigs class, aimed at the 4-7 year old set.

Art with Sticks and Twigs meets a number of Wednesdays during the summer, and each class features a different project, along with story time that helps supplement and enhance the children’s experience of making art with natural materials. This week, they’ll be reading Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree (so note to adults: bring a hankie). For those with teens at home, stay tuned for August’s Star Hike, when naturalists take teens on a nighttime hike to learn about the night sky and recognizing constellations. Turns out July is actually Parks & Recreation Month, and there’s not that much of it left, so get in (or out, rather) while the getting’s good.

Eden Mill Nature Center is located at 1617 Eden Mill Rd in Pylesville. Art with Sticks and Twigs takes place there this Wednesday, July 23 from 10-11:30am and costs $9 ($8 for members). For more information on this and other programs, visit

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