Artisan Home Furnishings by Gutierrez Studios

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We’ve all had the experience of going over to a friend’s house and noticing—really noticing—a remarkable piece of furniture. A coffee table that you can tell was actually designed and crafted, rather than simply being assembled out of a box. Or a lamp that somehow elevates the entire room to I-want-to-hang-out-in-here status. Where do these objects come from? How do you know one when you find one? And can the right coffee table or lamp really change things for you that much? Maybe. Especially as the cooler weather slowly rolls in, you may want to look around at your furnishings and give them the do-I-really-want-to-look-at-that-all-winter test.

In the event that something doesn’t pass, you may want to call up Gutierrez Studios. John Gutierrez has been making artisan and custom furniture here in Baltimore for over twenty years. His work incorporates wood, steel, glass, and other media to create sleek and interesting furnishings that are unique enough to feel special, but that you would actually want in your home. The Gutierrez Studios website boasts a number of products ready for purchase, as well as extensive information for those interested in custom designs.

Gutierrez Studios is located at 2010 Clipper Park Road in Baltimore. For more information, visit

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