Atomic Books presents: KILL YR ’90S NIGHT!

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Kill Yr 90s Night

catch of the day fish (2)Okay, try to follow our logic on this one. Over a decade ago, Atomic Books started and ran an annual night of music dedicated to reminding us that no matter what our nostalgic impulses said, the music of the 1980s was not really all that great (we beg to differ, but whatever). The event was called “I Hate the ’80s Night!” and featured, ironically, a line-up of local bands playing hits from the 1980s (no doubt proving how great that music really was—but again, whatever) . Well, after five years of hating on the 1980s, the good people of Atomic Books retired the night. After all, as they put it: “it’d be weird to spend a decade hating a decade.” Right. Haters gonna hate—but only for half the decade. Well, here we are, a whole millennium later, and the folks at Atomic Books have decided it’s time to remind us that our now well-worn nostalgia for the 1990’s is also misplaced. So what do we get? Kill Yr 90s Night!

Whether you love the music of the 1990’s or can’t stand the stuff, Kill Yr 90s Night should appeal. If you’ve got no opinion one way or the other, you may be enticed by the fact that it’s not just about raising anti-90’s awareness. It’s also a benefit for the Hampden Family Center, which provides programs and support services for folks who live, learn and work in Hampden. Located right on the Avenue, the Family Center offers after-school and summer enrichment programs, literacy and math classes for adults, and reading and preparation for the GED class and exam. The center also offers lunches and activities for seniors and emergency and benefit assistance programs. No opinion about 90’s music required. So this Saturday, throw on your best Converse and flannel shirt and head down to the Golden West to show your love/hate/support.

Kill Yr 90s Night takes place Saturday, October 5 at 10PM at the Golden West Café (1105 W. 36th St) in Baltimore. Suggested donation $10. For more information, visit

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