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Susan Gerardo Dunn is the founding editor and publisher of Baltimore Fishbowl.

Silo Point Developer Moving


The Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that Patrick Turner, the Silo Point developer, is selling his Greenspring Valley house on Greenspring Avenue for $3.35 million. A source with ties to the couple told me that Turner and his wife are planning to move to St. Thomas.

The 6,000-square-foot house has a six-car garage, 5.5 bathrooms and five bedrooms on 5.25 wooded acres.

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Housekeeping: Baltimore Fishbowl and Your Event


Every day we get requests to promote events around town, especially fundraisers.  We can’t write about them all, so we are going to start doing something we have seen on other websites.  Send us a jpeg of your event flyer, and we’ll post it, just as we have done for the “DigiBall” below.

You can send your event jpeg to [email protected]  The offer is for non-profit event promotion only.

NY Finance Culture vs. Baltimore Finance Culture


The internet was abuzz this week about former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith’s op-ed in The New York Times, “Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs”, about the “toxic” culture at the New York investment bank, characterizing it as self-interested, lacking humility and money-first.  (If you’ve been in coma and missed the story, see the  animated version in the video, above, by Taiwanese animation studio

How does the culture of New York’s financial institutions compare to the culture of financial institutions in Baltimore?

We asked a few Baltimore financial types to give us their view, anonymously, of course. (They’ve seen the beating Greg Smith’s reputation has taken since he fired off his missive a little more than 48 hours ago.)  You’ll be glad to know, though we may not have anyone taking home tens of millions in pay like Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein — whose 2006 compensation package was over $54 million — we don’t have the grotesque culture that goes along with it either, they said.

“Maintaining culture in a company is an everyday, 24/7 commitment,” said one T. Rowe Price veteran.  “It comes from the top and if the leadership does not push it, it erodes.”

Hey Baltimore Anglophiles, Guess Who’s at the White House Tonight for the UK State Dinner?


The White House released the guest list for tonight’s state dinner for the United Kingdom.  Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley will be in attendance.

Do you think he was invited because he’s in Celtic rock band O’Malley’s March? Or is the Democratic Party trying to raise his profile for a 2016 White House run?

See the full list below, or on the White House website.



Mr. Gerald Acker, Huntington Woods, MI

Mrs. Caryn Acker

Washingtonians Buzzing About Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen


Isn’t it tough enough to get a reservation at Woodberry Kitchen?  Now we’re going to have to fight with the Washington crowd for a table at the hip Woodberry eatery.

“The third time I was asked whether I had been to Woodberry Kitchen, the Baltimore restaurant where chef-restaurateur Spike Gjerde walks the talk of locally sourced cooking, I took note. All this buzz from Washingtonians, a people who launch into lengthy negotiations just to cross the Potomac for dinner, had to mean something,” writes David Hagedorn, Washington Post’s “Sourced” columnist.

The story goes on to explore Spike Gjerde’s commitment to locally sourced food and gives the restaurant rave reviews while at it.

Gjerde reveals that after a few failed restaurants in the 80s and 90s, opening Woodberry Kitchen was his “last swing at the fences.”

“Had the Clipper Mill project not come along, we would probably have taken the kids and left town,” he says.

Read the whole story at the Washington Post

The original version of this post named the restaurant’s neighborhood as Hampden.  It is in Woodberry.  We stand corrected!


Beloved Gilman Headmaster John Schmick Announces Resignation, June 2013


After five years as the headmaster of Gilman School, John Schmick announced this morning his resignation in a letter to the school community. An excerpt:

Dear Friends,

I have always known that Gilman is a truly unique community, but not until I became Headmaster was I able to observe closely the entire workings of the School and to truly appreciate this remarkable institution. Wordsworth, in his poem Tintern Abbey, states, “Five years have passed; five summers, with the length/Of five long winters!” And that is true for me. I cannot believe that it is almost exactly five years ago that I became Headmaster. When I took over as the interim Head in 2007 and later as Headmaster in January of 2008, I told the Board of Trustees that I planned to stay in the position for no more than three to five years. I will complete my fifth year this June, and the time is here to announce my plans. I am going to step down as Headmaster in June of 2013, after completing my sixth year. Although I will no longer lead the School after that date, I will continue to work on behalf of Gilman.

Mr. Schmick is an alumnus of Gilman and the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked at the school in a variety of roles for over 37 years.

Daily Record Video with Harbor East Developer Michael Beatty


Newsmakers: H&S Properties Executive VP Michael Beatty from Maryland Daily Record on Vimeo.

Michael Beatty, who spearheaded development at Harbor East, talks about the new Exelon Tower at Harbor Point, city taxes and what makes Baltimore so special.

No Vacancy in Downtown Baltimore


The Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that 111 new apartment rentals are planned for the city. But what really surprised me was that the new apartments are in response to a 97 percent rental occupancy rate in the city.  Downtown is the fastest growing residential neighborhood in Baltimore, says the Downtown Partnership spokesman Michael Evitts.

Developers are so eager to satisfy the need for residential rental space they are converting office buildings into apartments. Small conversions of office space make up the combined 111 apartments.

Read the whole story at the BBJ.

That’s Rude!


Travel + Leisure named Baltimore the ninth rudest city in the nation!  “Charm City”?  But don’t get too upset.  We’re keeping company with some of the nation’s finest cities:  Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Atlanta all made the top 10 too.

Here’s what T&L had to say:

“This Maryland city excels in classical music and history, but voters seemed to detect crabbiness alongside those famous crab cakes, and didn’t even feel terribly safe. Maybe it’s just a different sense of humor—the city also ranked in the top 20 for being offbeat.”

What. Ever.