An acupuncturist places an acupuncture needle into a woman’s foot

Once upon a time, autumn meant falling leaves and crisp breezes. Now it’s heat waves and hurricanes and nail-biting political seasons, but here we are. Autumn is also “back to school,” rougher sports, allergies, viral outbreaks, anxieties, and the beginnings of seasonal mood issues. 

It’s still a great time of year, but you need to take care of yourself! Very Well Acupuncture in Roland Park will help you stay balanced, healthy, pain-free, calm, energetic, and at the top of your game.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique for modern times. It is whole-life health care. And if you’ve never experienced it, it’s probably not at all what you expect.

First things first, yes, acupuncture is needles (very, very thin ones) inserted into your body, mostly without sensation. Over time, these can create lasting reactions in your body and mind: reducing pain and inflammation; healing injuries faster; balancing the mood; relieving persistent physical symptoms like digestive, insomnia, or menstrual; improving the immune system; helping the mind focus, and much more.

But acupuncture also incorporates other techniques—like lasers, cupping, gua sha, Shiatsu bodywork, and Shonishin—to achieve powerful results in addition to (or instead of) needle treatments.

Acupuncturists are also great listeners, who meet you where you are without judgement, bounce thoughts and ideas around, and give great coaching and advice to make your life smoother and improve your overall health.

And acupuncture is evidence-based.

This autumn, Very Well Acupuncture welcomes Dani Hy Dennenberg, L.Ac., fresh in from Oregon to expand our hours and offerings. We are in-network with many insurance plans. We are conveniently located on a quiet, green street off I-83, near the Roland Park private schools, and the Stony Run trail. And there is free, off-street parking and an elevator in the building.

No more excuses: it’s time for some expert care. It’s time to get better.

Who Should Get Acupuncture?

  • You.
  • Parents. (Very Well Acupuncture is near many of the local private schools for a pre-pickup pick-me-up.)
  • Teachers. (Acupuncture is covered in many City and County health insurance plans, and Very Well is conveniently located for both.)
  • And did we mention you? (You’ll love it. We promise.)

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