AVAM’s Flicks from the Hill

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Flicks Form the Hill

catch of the day fish (2)While serving jury duty recently, I noticed, in the jury duty waiting room, one of those City Paper “Best of Baltimore” plaques. Jury duty had been named Baltimore’s “Best Free Air Conditioning and a Movie. ” Ha. Looking around, it seemed unlikely that any of my fellow less-than-enthusiastic-potential-jurors had been polled for that vote. And yeah, it’s hot outside. I know. But when the sun goes down and the air cools off a bit, Baltimore’s many outdoor summer movie screenings are (in the opinion of this citizen) some of the best bets for summer entertainment that celebrates the season while not requiring you to melt/burn/coat-your-entire-body-in-500-spf-sunblock. And my favorite of the bunch? AVAM’s Flicks from the Hill.

We all know that the folks at the American Visionary Art Museum have great, offbeat, but surprisingly crowd-pleasing taste. And their film selection is no different. This year’s lineup begins with West Side Story (is it okay if we sing along throughout?), followed by PeeWee’s Big Adventure (yes!), and of course there will be a nod to John Waters with Cry-Baby later in the season. Not only are the movies great, the location is too. Bring a picnic, enjoy it with the film, and then stroll around the harbor or swing by Federal Hill or Fells Point for a drink afterward. Not a bad way to beat the heat.

Flicks from the Hill takes place Thursday evenings at 9pm behind the American Visionary Arts Museum. For more information, or to view the season’s schedule, visit www.avam.org.

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