New to Baltimore: Our Cutest Resident

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Baby Sloth at Baltimore's National Aquarium

Can a resident of Baltimore’s National Aquarium get attention if they’re not a terrifying shark or a super-genius performing dolphin? The biggest attractions always seem to be the animals who scare or excite us; who can outrun (or out-swim) us, and simultaneously remind us of how we are both a part of the animal kingdom, and undeniably different than its other species. But all this intellectualizing goes right out the window the second you’re face-to-face with Baltimore’s cutest new resident: a baby two-toed sloth born to Ivy and Syd, two older sloths in the Aquarium’s Upland Tropical Rainforests Exhibit.

The baby was born in late August, but has been kept hidden by its mother for the first few weeks of its life (something sloths also do in the wild). Now, almost a month later, you can expect to catch a glimpse of this other-worldy-adorableness hanging out in plain view in the Upland Tropical Rainforests Exhibit, where the sloths roam freely (if slowly) through the treetops. But be sure to plan your trip to the National Aquarium sometime soon; though sloths are famously, well, slothful, just like humans, the little ones do grow up mighty quickly.

The National Aquarium is located at 501 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. You can find out more at

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  1. Thanks for sharing our wonderful baby news 🙂

    Although the baby is holding on tight to mom Ivy, we hope that once Ivy becomes more comfortable in her new role, she’ll want to show off her bundle of joy!

    Check out the recent video update we did on the pair:

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