Backyard Science Days at the Science Museum

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Science Days

catch of the day fish (2)The folks at the Maryland Science Center want you to know that, “Science can happen in a lab, science can happen in space and science can happen in your own backyard!” Of course, to find out how, you’ll need to leave your own backyard for just a minute and hop on down to see what the Science Center is cooking up. August 16th and 17th are the Maryland Science Center’s 9th annual Backyard Science Days this year. They’ll be full of animal encounters and hands-on activities. You can stomp on stomp rockets (what?), race vegetables, build a beetle habitat, make seed bombs and much more.The folks (and beasts) from Scales and Tales will be there all weekend as well featuring live birds of prey and reptiles.

Backyard Science Days are just that. The opportunity to learn about the science happening basically all the time, right in your backyard. So this weekend, get out of the backyard’s usual August heat for a cool chance to learn about the ins and outs of the outdoors. You can even step into the mysterious world of bats at Rob Mie’s famed Bat Encounters show. You’ll come face-to-face (if you dare) with a Big Brown bat from North America, fruit bats from Africa and Asia and the world’s largest bat, a Flying Fox Bat from Malaysia with a 6-foot wingspan (does that actually count as a bat? We’re gonna go with scary-furry-bird-of-horror on that one). Shows will be on our Atrium stage at 1:00pm and 3:00pm both days. And hopefully, the knowledge you gain will follow you home to your backyard, but the bats won’t.

Backyard Science Days at the Maryland Science Center take place Saturday, August 16 & Sunday August 17. For more information, visit



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