“Waldorf allowed me to be free to be who I wanted to be – and free to be a kid…. I am just so blessed to have had this experience.”

~Imani Robinson, 8th Grade Class of 2007

This week the Waldorf School of Baltimore welcomed actress, screen writer, drama teacher, and TV producer Imani Nia Robinson, 8th Grade Class of 2007, “home” to Waldorf. “This community,” she said,  “doesn’t end when you graduate eighth grade. It is so much more like a family and that is why I am just so happy to be home here with you guys.”

Imani, who just finished shooting her first pilot (which she wrote, produced, starred in and which is now nominated for several awards at its first film festival), took time out of her busy NYC schedule to speak with the Middle School on how her time at Waldorf connected to college and career success.

Imani credits the yearly pedagogical plays she performed at Waldorf as the impetus to her now-confident and capable self. “I was a shy child, but I felt confident on stage because I had a script to memorize. I could become whoever I wanted to be.” 

The voices of alumni are powerful for current students. They provide first-hand relatable proof that they are on the right track (no matter what that track might be) and that this is education that matters. After all, who better to speak about the challenges of the world beyond Waldorf than the students who once wore the very same Eurythmy slippers?

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