Baltimore Artist Trolled by Fox News but Gets Last Laugh

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Michael Anthony Farley and Jesse watters, via
Michael Anthony Farley and Jesse Watters, via

Baltimore artist Michael Anthony Farley appeared as an interviewee in a Fox News segment goofing on the “liberal” art world. Then he shared his recollection of all the moments that didn’t make the cut.

Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly sent producer Jesse Watters to Art Basel in Miami to film one of his painfully unfunny “Watters’ World” segments, in which he asks presumptively liberal people stupid questions hoping for stupid answers.

In the aired segment, Farley answers Watters’s question giving deadpan answers to two questions. When Watters asks him why “the art world tends to lean left politically,” Farley says, “Because they’re grounded in critical thinking.” When Watters asks him what a given painting is about, Farley says, “Minimalism.”

Apart from one person who appears to suggest that we might defeat ISIL by meditating, nobody provides laughable answers to Watters’ baiting questions. If Farley’s own recollection of events is representative, it might be because Watters was given very few cherries to pick.

In a post at Art F City, Farley describes being “approached by a stranger at Art Basel Miami Beach who asked to film me standing next to a painting that matched my blazer.”

When Farley realized that it was a Fox News presenter about to question him he realized that “this is going to be edited to make us all look like morons.”

In Farley’s account, the two have a mile-wide, inch-deep discussion touching on Obamacare, ISIL, global warming, the Black Lives Matter movement, and whether there are any Republicans Farley would like to see naked.

Here’s Farley’s version of their exchange on terrorism.

Watters: Anyway, so why do you think Liberals think climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism?

Farley: Because it is.

Watters: WHAT? How can you say that after 150 people died in Paris last week?

Farley: Because climate change kills thousands of people, it will kill millions of people. Look at New Orleans, how many more people died in Katrina than in Paris?

Watters: So we never had hurricanes before the Industrial Revolution?

Farley: No, that’s a huge simplification. Now we have more frequent hurricanes with greater strength. Do you understand how hurricanes work? Do you know what makes a hurricane?

Read Farley’s full account at Art F City.

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