Baltimore Beach Volleyball at Rash Field

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Baltimore Beach

catch of the day fish (2)Nothing says summer fun like the sight of bronzed figures leaping around in the sand, sending volleyballs over the net. In fact, many of us have shown up to our summer day at the beach with friends and family only to look over at those happy volleyball players some yards over, thinking, “did they bring that net with them? Do they do this all the time? Were they planted here by the chamber of commerce or something to enhance the beach’s image?” Well, we may not ever have the answers to those exact questions, but we can definitely get closer to them (or to actually being those jubilant, bronzed volleyball players) thanks to Baltimore Beach Volleyball down at the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Beach is seven beach volleyball courts set on 1000+ tons of sand (that’s a lot, if you didn’t know). It’s located at the Inner Harbor and is open to everyone.  Whether you’re a local, a tourist, a total newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s a place where you can go to meet-up with other volleyball lovers and play organized games. They’ve got men’s, women’s, coed, 2’s, 4’s and 6’s league play during the week and drop-in play most weekend days while the weather’s nice. They also host special events like advanced skills clinics (June 22 & 28, if you’re interested) and tournaments for real enthusiasts. But whatever your interest and skill level, it’s definitely a place to get your fun-in-the-sun-while-feeling-and-looking-healthy on. And isn’t that the whole point of summer?

Baltimore Beach is located at Rash Field at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.For more information, visit

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