Baltimore Bike Party

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Bike Party

catch of the day fish (2)Ain’t no party like a Baltimore Bike Party. Or is there? Only one way to find out. This Friday (and every last Friday of the month) you can hop on your favorite two-wheeled chariot and head down to join in the fun wherever it may lead. Each Bike Party starts at the same spot, but ends at a new location. One thing you can always be sure of is that it will always be a blast and there will always be plenty of partying to go around– that’s food, music, beer, food, and of course the enthusiastic company of your fellow cyclists.

Baltimore may not be the most cyclist-friendly city in the country. Besides the natural hills and slopes that can make for a deterrent to the wimpier among us, we’re also low on bike lanes and rich in drivers who aren’t used to noticing bikes. But that’s part of what makes the Baltimore Bike Party such a treat. It’s one moment a month when the bicyclists rule the road. And that’s part of the celebration. Wouldn’t the city be a better place if more of us spent more time pedaling and less time putting the pedal to the metal? Just a thought. But whether your bike is your vehicle for your daily commute or just something you take out for a leisurely Sunday ride, the Bike Party is a friendly, fun way to get in a great ride around the city. And also a great way to get to all the food trucks and Heavy Seas ales that await you at the end.

The Baltimore Bike Party meets at 6:30pm on Friday, August 29. Bike Ride starts at 7pm and leaves from St. Mary’s Park in Seton Hill. For more information or to volunteer, visit

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