Baltimore Fishbowl’s Most Read Stories of 2015

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A quick Google Analytics report reveals which stories caught the attention of our Baltimore Fishbowl audience. Here’s what you liked most in 2015. Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

10. Hopkins Launches Country’s First Lyme Disease Center by Rachel Monroe

The telltale bullseye rash that often accompanies Lyme disease
The telltale bullseye rash that often accompanies Lyme disease

This post about Johns Hopkins opening the country’s first Lyme Disease Research Center attracted many readers as well comments, with many expressing the need for more studies and sharing their own painful experiences.

9. MICA Students in the 70s by Rachel Monroe

Hanging out after an art opening at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD. 1976
Hanging out after an art opening at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD. 1976

This fun photo essay of 1970s MICA students showcases art student cool even then.

8. Adnan Syed Gets Another Chance  by Susan Dunn


When Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Martin P. Welch agreed to reconsider evidence in the Baltimore murder case made popular by the podcast Serial, readers jumped on the news.

7. Inside Look at Johns Hopkins Medical School Admissions by Rachel Monroe


This story from Baltimore Fishbowl’s first year in business has been popular year-after-year for its rare look into the admissions process at one of the country’s most prestigious medical schools.

6. Hogan Spends First Day in Office Making People Mad  by Rachel Monroe

Larry Hogan doesn't like Common Core

In 2014, Republican Larry Hogan surprised this blue state by beating the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown.  On his first day in office last January, the new governor shook up the state capital with executive orders that upset liberal constituencies.

5.  Baltimore, Have You Been to Hell House?  by Rachel Monroe

Image via Forsaken Fotos/Flickr
Image via Forsaken Fotos/Flickr

The post on the Hell House Altar in the Patapsco Valley State Park near Ellicott City told of an abandoned creepy ruin formerly part of St. Mary’s College and Seminary.

4. The Molly and Heather Show by Marion Winik

separated at birth

In her monthly column, Bohemian Rhapsody, writer Marion Winik calls for compassion for two public figures whose calamitous misdeeds were the talk of the town.

3. Shattuckfreude: Rumor Mill in Overdrive on Molly Shattuck Sex Scandal Story by Susan Dunn

Molly Shattuck (booking photo via Delaware State Police)
Molly Shattuck (booking photo via Delaware State Police)

Even though Molly Shattuck’s sex scandal broke in 2014, this story about the gossip surrounding the former Mrs. Shattuck’s fall from grace kept readers’ interest throughout 2015.

2. A Lacrosse Stick Takes the Long Way Home: A Baltimore LAX Story by Cynthia McIntyre

stieff w_ mom

The tale of a discarded lacrosse stick reuniting with its Baltimore owner after 38 years found an eager audience in this lacrosse-loving town.

1. Under Armour Plans to Create Its Own Neighborhood by Rachel Monroe


The number one post by senior editor Rachel Monroe details plans by Under Armour to make South Baltimore’s Port Covington into a micro city with a whiskey distillery, a (possible) horse farm, and, of course, company headquarters.

Susan Dunn

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