Baltimore Joins Martinique and The Azores on ‘Hottest Destinations’ List

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SkylineIs travel in your New Years resolutions? Well, The Daily Beast has some great locales all lined up in a new travel listicle. But the world-weary don’t have to go far to find one of the top destinations of 2016.

Baltimore is number three on the list, netting the spot for its “upcoming coolness” as exemplified by the American Visionary Art Museum. The new Ivy Hotel is the recommended place to stay. We’re already the second-fastest growing food destination in the country, so there’s that going for us, too.

Surrounding Baltimore on the list are Mongolia, The Azores, Wales and Mongolia. North Korea also makes an appearance at number 10.

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  1. The fact that North Korea is on this list let’s me further know that whoever generated it is a little…off. However, that said, I think Baltimore is an amazing city and definitely full of charm.

  2. Stupid article, belongs in the New York Post or Daily News.Meaningless and written for idiots. 340 murders is not an amazing, charming place. In addition to the American Visionary Art Museum, visitors could spend a night in one of Baltimore 18,000 abandoned houses.

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