Baltimore Judge Suspended for ‘Sarcastic’ Comments

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Baltimore Judge Suspended

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Lynne K. Stewart Mays has agreed to a five-day suspension without pay for two instances of “sarcastic, embarrassing, demeaning, humiliating, and mocking” behavior. That’s how the judicial-conduct investigators have characterized it, anyway.

According to the Daily Record, in 2012 Mays called a defendant “catatonic” and asked his fiancee “where’s the ring?” before telling her to “sit down and keep your mouth shut” when she rose to speak for the defendant.

In 2013, she  advised a defense attorney not to argue “with the court because you’re going to lose. I don’t care if I’m right, wrong, indifferent. I could be speaking Swahili, you’re going to lose. You know why? One, I’m the judge. Two, I’m the judge. Three, I’m the judge.”

Following her five-day suspension, Mays will begin a two-year probationary period.


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  1. Seriously? A Baltimore City Judge? With the idiotic stuff stuff they see on a daily basis, they ought to have a little leeway to be snarky.

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