Why Baltimore-Kansas City Is Actually a Classic Matchup

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Baltimore-Kansas City
The Baltimore Black Sox

There’s a great article at Forbes today about that goes against the consensus to declare the Baltimore-Kansas City ALCS a “classic” matchup. Tom Van Riper points out that both cities hosted successful Negro League teams, Kansas City with the Monarchs, Baltimore with the Black Sox and the Elite Giants.

In fact, through that lens, this matchup is almost perfect. In 1929, the Monarchs and the Black Sox won their respective leagues, but financial constraints kept the Negro Leagues from staging a World Series that year. So we’ll never know which team would have come out on top — whether the historically dominant Monarchs or the surging Black Sox, with their “Million Dollar Infield.”

The Royals and Orioles facing off in the ALCS may be as good as we’re going to get.

Interestingly enough, both teams wore the uniforms of their city’s Negro League teams when they met in Kansas City on May 18.

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