Baltimore Teacher Shot While Defending Daughter During NYC Robbery

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hamptonJFKA Baltimore teacher was shot Thursday after intervening in a robbery of her daughter at a New York City hotel. She is expected to survive, and is now being called “gutsy” and “brave” in NYC papers.

According to reports in New York media, 53-year-old Andrea Koller and her daughter, Meredith Stifter, were targeted in a Hampton Inn parking lot near JFK airport in Queens, where they were expecting to spend the night before Stifter caught a flight to South Africa for a semester abroad. While Koller went into the hotel to check in, her daughter was waiting in the passenger’s seat of the car. That’s when a Volkswagen Jetta pulled up and a man jumped out. He ordered Koller’s daughter to turn over money. She turned over four rings. During the exchange, he hit her in the head with the butt of his gun.

At one point, he said, “Your mother better have some money or I’m going to shoot you!”

Koller came out of the hotel lobby, and started struggling with the man. During the scuffle, the man fired a bullet into Koller’s left shoulder. He took her purse and drove off, but later ditched the phone on the side of the road. Koller was in critical but stable condition, and expected to survive, the New York Post reported.

According to the New York Daily News, Koller wrote a letter to the Baltimore Sun three years ago saying that background checks didn’t go far enough to reduce gun violence.

“We cannot cling to the naïve belief that we are safe merely because someone runs a background check on a gun buyer. Guns change hands and the simple truth is, more guns in more hands means more gun-based crimes.” she wrote.



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