Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant Falls From Grace

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Pastor Jamal Bryant
Pastor Jamal Bryant

The Rev. Jamal Bryant, the high-profile pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, has found himself cursed out by local activists and subtweeted by Kirk Franklin.

Bryant was run out of a recent West Wednesday protest (a weekly event demanding justice for Tyrone West who died in Baltimore police custody in 2013) by local rappers and activists PFK Boom and Shy Lady Heroin.

The description accompanying a viral YouTube video of the encounter chastises Bryant for “finally show[ing] up to a West Wednesday after dodging and disrespecting the West Family for the last 3 years.”

Bryant is dealing with more than suspicion and distrust from local grassroots activists. Allegations that he recently fathered a child out-of-wedlock after failing to convince the mother to abort the pregnancy, has apparently caught the attention of gospel musician Kirk Franklin.

When Bryant spoke out on the scandal, he had little to offer but humblebrags. “Let me say to you I am one of those rare people who are flawed with character,” Bryant said via Periscope, “that with all of my issues I don’t run from them I stand right next to them.”

Franklin took to Twitter on Saturday to lament “all of the attention [Christians are] getting lately for our public failures” and urging those Christians not to “make excuses.”


Franklin did not mention Bryant by name.



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  1. GOD is perfect, man is not. We all fall, but as long as we get up and try again we will Succeed. Life is Great and Precious, but SHORT . Take the time to LAUGH, LOVE, LIVE……….

  2. When did Boom become an activist after prison? Activists who running him? My understanding is that Boom and Ms. Heroin had a record deal. Ms. Heroin should be ashamed to nickname her self that, even if she did or sold heroin. Would not wanna be known for one the destructions of a race of people. Boom and Heroin should both ask for forgiveness. Because karma has away of coming back to u. And ur children can suffer for the things the mother and father do. Karma is a bitch.

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