Baltimore Police Lt. Suspended for Denigrating Protesters in Email

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According to WJZ, an email from a Baltimore police lieutenant and union leader has everyone — police leaders as well as activists and civil rights groups — up in arms.

Lt. Victor Gearhart had sent a mass email to his fellow officers in which he referred to protesters at the recent state conference of the Fraternal Order of Police as “the THUGS OF BALTIMORE.”

Police Comissioner Kevin Davis, who was reportedly “absolutely outraged” at the email, suspended Gearhart on Monday.

Gearhart had previously been reassigned to building security over a series of tweets from his personal Twitter account in which he referred to Baltimore residents as “unbathed parasites,” “thugs,” and “scum.”

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    • I, for one, find that name calling never helps a situation. Often a person can make his or her point without it.

  1. I applaud Commissioner Davis for his thoughtful response to a potentially volatile situation. Name-calling is both immature and counter productive. If an adult can’t handle their emotional responses to lawful protesters, they should find another job. Serious changes in hiring and training are in order. It’s a shame that the many good police officers are made to look bad because of the actions of a few bad police.

  2. Why wasn’t Mayor Blake suspended for letting Baltimore burn to the ground. PATHETIC RACISM ON HER PART. SHE HATES WHITE PEOPLE.

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