Some Baltimore Police May Start Wearing Under Armour Uniforms

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Under Armour
Hopefully the new uniforms won’t slow down Baltimore police.

Looks like sportswear giant Under Armour is seeing about making another donation to Baltimore civil servants. This time around, Under Armour has offered to outfit some Baltimore police districts with new uniforms.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the police are “very excited” about a deal which would yield the department not only a bunch of free gear, but gear of higher quality and durability as well.

The deal requires an ethics waiver, which seems like a bad sign. But the city has promised that the charitable gift won’t entitle Under Armour to “special access or favored treatment from any City agency or official.” So that’s probably good enough, right?

All the details, such as what the uniforms may actually be like and just how many Under Armour will be making, have yet to be worked out.

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